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Board of Directors

Aaron Dorr

Aaron Dorr is a political activist with over ten years of experience fighting for the Second Amendment in state legislatures including Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wyoming.

In 2018, Aaron drafted and led the lobbying effort for the successful passage of Wyoming’s Stand-Your-Ground law, as the Policy Advisor for Wyoming Gun Owners. This legislation, considered one of the strongest versions to ever pass into law, made Wyoming the 36th Stand-Your-Ground law state.

After that successful fight, Aaron continues to help Wyoming Gun Owners expose anti-gun lawmakers during election time, and also directs their current effort to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ in the state.

Chris Dorr

Chris Dorr is a political activist with twelve years of experience ranging from local to presidential electoral politics, and focusing on legislative action through grassroots mobilization.

In 2007, Chris worked for the Ron Paul campaign and assisted in several key states like Iowa, South Carolina and Virginia.

In 2010, Chris successfully managed his first state senate campaign against an entrenched incumbent Democrat.

Ben Dorr

Ben Dorr serves on the Board of Directors for the American Firearms Association and is a political activist with over 10 years of experience ranging from local to statewide electoral politics and focusing on legislative action through the power of mobilized grassroots gun owners.

In 2015, Ben and his wife moved to Minnesota to head up operations as the the Political Director for Minnesota Gun Rights, fighting in the state legislature to stop radical gun control and advance pro-gun legislation, in a time when gun owners were being stabbed in the back by local “pro-gun” organizations.

Over the last several years Ben has been extremely active in Minnesota politics, working with gun owners to stop city-wide gun bans in places like Savage and Bloomington, organizing pro-gun rallies with thousands of gun owners and putting pressure on the legislature to stand and fight for the Second Amendment.

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